The fulfillment of the mission and vision of our Archdiocese depends on resources. Key among these resources is the Human Resource. When you have the right people for the right job, success is a surety. This Department handles issues of all the categories of human resource within the Archdiocese, ranging from the Clergy, to Religious Men and Women, as well as the Laity. It hires, contracts, trains, develops, disciplines, and supervises the staffs who work in the Archdiocese.

This Department is headed by the ADOK HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER (currently Sr Marie-Louise FSA photo will be provided) and has the mandate to ensure that all the staffs employed directly by the Archdiocese or indirectly (by our parishes like the Cooks, Cleaners, and Grounds-men) are handled in accordance with all the Labor Laws that are in place in Kenya.

This Department organizes for workshops to create awareness among the Priests and Administrators of our ADOK institutions concerning the ever changing labor-related issues. We have had such trainings for Priests, informing them about the New Tax Laws and Minimum Wage for various staff in different regions.

Through this Department, we now have a HR Manual which is in force across the Archdiocese. In line with this Manual, we have harmonized the draft of how various jobs are advertised, how our prospective staffs are interviewed, contracted, empowered, appraised, remunerated, and even how separation is handled.