The Archdiocese of Kisumu has a huge population of the young people, especially those of between the age of 14 up to 35. The Pastoral Department has not forgotten them either. The Pastoral care of the young people in the Archdiocese is taken care of under the Youth Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Fred Odhiambo (photo will be given). In line with the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, a Synod about the Youth, the Archdiocese recognizes that Accompanying young people requires going beyond a preconceived framework, encountering young people where they are, adapting to their times and pace of life and taking them seriously. This is to be done as young people seek to make sense of the reality in which they live and to utilize the message which they have received in words and deeds in their daily attempts to create a personal history and in the more-or-less conscious search for meaning in their lives (Preparatory Document for the 2018 Youth Synod)

Some of these young people that the Youth Chaplaincy takes care of are still in secondary schools or tertiary level institutions (colleges and Universities). Those in Secondary schools are organized by the formation of YCS (Young Christian Students), meeting regularly to foster their Catholic faith. They have Matron/Patrons and their own leaders whom they elect (a photo of YCS and their Patron/matron will be provided). It is indeed our joy to note that even some schools that are not Catholic-sponsored have vibrant YCS Movements.

Each Priest in the parish organizes to visit the YCS regularly. The Youth Chaplain also visits the YCS and organizes various activities like the Flag Day that brings YCS from different schools together!

The youth who are in the universities have another arrangement that is called CSA (Catholic Students Association). A number of our colleges and universities within the Archdiocese of Kisumu have vibrant CSAs.

Some of our young people are however out of school. They are organized under the structure which starts from the Small Christian Community (with a Youth Representative) up to the Diocesan level and even beyond. At each level of their leadership, they have the following leadership posts:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary
  4. Organizing Secretary
  5. Treasurer

The Preparatory Document for the 2018 Youth Synod succinctly summarizes the conviction of the Archdiocese with regard to the pastoral care of the Youth that In pastoral activity, young people are not objects but agents…..

Consequently, each community is called to be attentive to young people…, the Church needs to give major importance to young people’s involvement in the structures of participation in diocesan and parish communities, starting with pastoral councils, inviting young people to make their creative contribution and accepting their ideas, even when they appear challenging.

Everywhere in the world, parishes, religious congregations, associations, movements and ecclesial realities exist which can devise and offer young people significant experiences of growth and discernment. Sometimes, the aspect of planning shows signs of unpreparedness and a lack of skill, a situation which needs to be avoided by more earnestly undertaking the task of thinking, realizing, coordinating and implementing the pastoral program for young people in a correct, consistent and effective manner.

(Photo of the 5 (five) Diocesan Youth Leaders will be provided)

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Archdiocese of Kisumu has a huge population of the young people, especially those of between the age of 14 up to 35..

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